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How to decipher a quote for a translation

For those who are not familiar with the localization world, deciphering a quote from a Language Service Provider can turn into a headache especially when you get to the mysterious Fuzzies and 100% matches. Here is a quick explanatory recap that will help you understand what you are paying (and not paying) for.

SERVICES vary on the type of projects however here are the basic services proposed

for a standard translation project

*The tricky part is that terminology varies from an LSP to another so check our AKA column and in doubt don’t hesitate to discuss with your LSP what services are the most appropriate for your project. Not all projects need Trans + Edit + Proof + LPR ! In some agencies LPR or QA are always included in the workflow.

DEADLINE, based on working days

Take into account that the deadline is established on the availability of the translators on the day the quote is issued. It is important to re-confirm the deadline once you give the green light to start the project especially if it took you several days to get back to the agency with your quote approval.

Last but not least, the WORDCOUNT

If you’re project is processed with a CAT tool, the wordcount will differ from the wordcount that appears in your Word document. CAT tools, which we presented in an earlier post, are software that help keeping track of your translations by creating a translation memory while translating. When the translator opens the new document he or she will see whether the sentences (segments/strings) to be translated have already been translated in the past identically or partially. Therefore, quotes based on a CAT tool wordcount, highlight different categories of words which enables the agency to offer discounts on already translated segments from your past projects or on repetitions within the same project. Standard categories go as:

LSPs get discounts for words that enter in some of these categories from their translators. Most LSPs offer in turn similar discounts to their clients. Be sure to inquire about the discounts offered by your LSP.


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