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A Team of Experts Exclusively Specialized In Your Industry

  • Exclusive specialization in innovative, rapidly growing industries
  • 5 Business Units:
    • Ultra-specialized expertise within a specific industry
    • Extensive knowledge of market dynamics, glossaries, technologies, products, and services
    • Our BUs: Medical Devices, Pharma, Lab&Analytics, IT, Legal.
  • We don't do “everything”
  • We only work in fields where we are experts


Experience Gained With Global Leaders

Baguette's extensive expertise is the result of a hands-on approach and significant experience working with leading technology companies worldwide. We invite you to read more about some of our success stories. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed references and for a quote for your next project.


Subject Expertise

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) translations and QA validations by a team of more than 640 expert translators who specialize in specific industries, technologies, and document types

  • Unique among translation companies:

    • We work only with confirmed experts

    • Our hand-selected translators go through an extensive testing process to ensure SME standards

    • We have developed proprietary tools such as the 70QI database to monitor and conduct QA on an ongoing basis

  • We are experts in translating industry-specific documents such as: datasheets, IFUs, SmPC & PIL (QRD and Swissmedic), Marketing Oriented Collaterals, User Manuals, MSDS, RFPs and others.


A Leadership Specializing In Innovation Management

  • Our Senior Management team brings over  60 years of cumulative senior experience in your industry

  • We understand your needs, and can guide you through the challenges of your market, step-by-step

Our Team

From Chemical Engineering to Linguistic services, ilan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for learning. When he is not spending time with his 3 daughters, he will be found learning a new language or homebrewing.

And no, the missing capital is not a typo.

Daniel Michaev, Production Manager

A Linguist by trade and a Linguaphile by interest! After having completed French and Spanish studies at the prestigious Moscow State University (MGU), I set my sets on language services. Fluent in 7 languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Latvian and Ukrainian), you can always count on me to deliver top quality language projects with dedication and enthusiasm. When I am not at work, you can find me globetrotting (travel is my passion!) or adding a new language to the list (إن شاء الله).


Hadas Aguilar, Vendor Manager

I began working at Baguette in 2011. Having previously worked in a wide range of industries (non-profits, marketing, and others) and with a degree in Business Management, I decided to apply my academic and professional experience to the language services industry. I am a customer-oriented PM who thoroughly enjoys managing projects from start to finish for our diverse and international clients.


I was born and bred in the USA, a country which used to be known for its mono-linguistic limits. At the age of 18, I moved to Israel and a few years later I was invited to be a member of the QA team for a localization company that focused on IT. From then on, I have developed my skills across languages and platforms.


Noa Attlan, Office Manager

Growing up in the then capital city of Germany exposed me to many people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds from an early age. Various travels and extended stays in Europe, South America and in the Middle East further developed my love and knowledge for languages. Having received an MSc in Mineralogy, I apply a scientific and thorough approach to the most simple as well as complex translation projects.

Lucie Chaix, Linguist

Coming from an accounting background, I work at Baguette as an Office Manager with an emphasis on finance. One of my priorities is to respect payment schedules and to achieve a win-win relationship with our partners. For me, music is the language of the soul.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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