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Regulated industries
Translations without side effects

Accuracy + Compliance = No Side Effects

In the life sciences industry, clear and accurate communication is paramount. But translating complex or regulated content can feel like navigating a minefield. At Baguette Translations, we understand the challenges. That's why we offer a meticulous approach designed to deliver "translations without side effects" – communication that's precise, compliant, and fosters success in the global market.

  • Expert Dream Team: Our translators aren't just language gurus; they're life science enthusiasts with deep scientific knowledge and regulatory expertise.

  • Rigorous Recipe for Success: We are ISO17100 certified. We follow a multi-step process, from in-depth needs assessment to multi-layered review by linguistic and scientific specialists.

  • Quality at Every Step: Dedicated professionals ensure adherence to industry standards and maintain a centralized terminology database for consistency.

  • Tech-Powered Precision: We leverage state-of-the-art tools like Translation Memories and Terminology Management Systems for efficiency and accuracy. We offer Machine Translation with human post-editing, as well as genAI Content Creation with expert post-authoring services.

The result? Translations that are:
  • Accurate: Scientifically sound and free of ambiguities.

  • Compliant: Meet all regulatory requirements for your target market.

  • Clear: Easily understood by medical professionals worldwide.


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