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AI-assisted Content Creation

Struggling to keep up with the ever-growing demand for high-quality content?

You're not alone. At Baguette, we offer a world-class AI-assisted content creation service designed to empower businesses of all sizes.

Whether you need some prompts and take it from there, or a full post-authoring service, we've got you covered.

Advanced Prompt Engineering

Our prompt engineers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who can help you:

  • Break through writer's block: Generate fresh content ideas and draft initial versions of blog posts, website copy, marketing materials, user manuals, and more.

  • Save Time and Money:  Focus on your core business activities while AI handles the heavy lifting of content creation.

  • Boost Efficiency:  Produce high-quality content consistently, meeting tight deadlines with ease.

  • Go Global: Create content in a variety of languages with targeted content culturally adapted to each audience all over the world.
Powered by AI, Managed by humans

We understand the importance of the human touch.  That's why our AI-generated content goes through a rigorous post-authoring process by our team of experienced editors.


They'll ensure your content is:

  • Engaging and Readable: Content that resonates with your target audience and drives action.

  • On-Brand: Consistent with your brand voice and messaging.

  • Accurate and Error-Free: Polished and professional content that reflects your values.

Ready to take your content creation to the next level?

Get a Free Consultation. Let's discuss your specific content needs and how AI can help.


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